Our Mission & Values


City Life Church is a GOSPEL-centered COMMUNITY on a MISSION to shape our city with the life and love of Jesus.


The Gospel is the explosive good news of Jesus’ life, death, burial, resurrection, and promised return.

The Gospel has the power to transform darkness into light, to trade blindness for sight, and to exchange death for life.

In other words, this is a message that changes things. More specifically, Jesus has the power to change you.

Good news is meant to be shared and we want to share this news with everyone we meet.


Jesus knew that the best place to make disciples would be in the context of a gospel-centered community. A church is a group of disciples who are on mission together.

In Matthew 28:18-20, we find Jesus explaining the process of discipleship. The first thing we do with new disciples is baptize them. Baptism is a picture of our new identity with Christ and with His Body which is the Church.

Next, we teach new disciples to obey everything Jesus commanded. He tells us that if we really love Him we will keep His commands. Which commands? They can be summed up as love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Of course, “make disciples” is a pretty clear command as well.

So, in the context of the church we teach disciples to love God, love people, and to make disciples who make disciples.

Why should we start new churches? In our area of ministry there are a quarter of a million people and only a handful of gospel-centered churches. New churches need to be started so that new disciples can be baptized, taught, and deployed to make more disciples.


Jesus gave His disciples the mission to make disciples of all peoples. Our mission begins by announcing the Gospel to others and it ends when there are people from every tribe and language and people and nation worshiping God.

Making disciples involves sharing the Gospel, baptizing those who repent and turn to Jesus, and teaching them how to obey all that Jesus commands.


At City Life Church we want to be known for our vibrant spirituality, radical obedience, deep community, captivating generosity, and viral witness.

  • Vibrant Spirituality – We move by the conviction and power of the Holy Spirit and devote ourselves to spiritual discipline and exercising spiritual gifts.
  • Radical Obedience – We demonstrate our love for Jesus by obeying Him and turning to His Word for guidance.
  • Deep Community – We practice the “one anothers” as we learn together, grow together, serve together, and live life together.
  • Captivating Kindness – We demonstrate our love for others by generously spending our time and possessions on those who have a need.
  • Viral Witness – We passionately share the gospel with those who need to hear the life-transforming message of God’s grace.